West Surface Treatment

Surface Treatment of metal semi-finished and final products presents a plant of manually or automatic operated in pickling and galvanizing lines. 

Pickling tanks are the basic equipment, where the chemical cleaning in acids is executed. After that surface treatment (protection) itself follows:

  • phosphatising
  • boraxing
  • liming
  • anodizing
  • fluxing with following hot deep galvanizing

ZOMAplast supplies complete lines and components as well-especially of the wet section.

As accessory equipment there is often the storing of chemicals, the fume capture and scrubbing, the liquids piping, the heating of baths, recoveries and the neutralization plant.

Continual lines of wire surface treatment

Lines are designed for wires of diameter 2,5 to 10 mm. Speed of wire shift is up to 150 m/min.