Chemical Storage Tanks

Vessels in thermoplastics are determined above all for solutions of highly corrosive chemical liquids, waste water, liquid fertilizers and potable water. Tanks from plastics are provided in a type requesting practically no maitenance together with long life service.

ZOMAplast is the only Czech manufacturer of homogeneous cylinders of storage and process vessels. The technology of spirally wound cylinders garanties much better safety assuarance then the technique of building up jackets from bent sheets because there are no welding joints. Moreover this technology makes possible to roll up the structural plastic on chemically more resistant liners.

Advantages of spirally wound tanks:

  • Up-to-date and reliable production technology
  • Dimension range from diameter 850 to 4 500 mm
  • Maximum height of a cylinder without connecting is 10 000 mm
  • Working volume up to 150m3
  • No limited wall thickness in comparison with cylinders from plates
  • Long design life, up to 50 years (according to accredited design calculation) in comparison with fibreglass tanks
  • Safe storrage of highly corrosive chemical liquids like concentrated H2SO4, NaOCl, HNO3, organic solvents etc.

Basic building materials:

Material / Max. liquid temperature
PE-HD: PE-80, PE-100 / 80 °C
PP-H, PP-B / 115 °C
PVC / 55 °C
PVC-C / 95 °C
PVDF / 140 °C

Combinations of structural plastic/liner are utilized very often (mostly PP-B with lining):

  • PVDF
  • E-CTFE
  • FEP
  • PFA

Plastic tank options:

  • Simple (one vall) and dual-contained (double-wall) upright cylindrical tanks
  • Up to DIA 1 600 mm horizontal vessels.Tanks can be also made with slope, cone or pyramid-shaped bottom.

Building design of vessels in plastics and the manufacturing are covered by EN 12 573 (Welded static non-pressurized thermoplastic tanks) and German welding institute standard DVS 2205 (Berechnung von Behältern und Apparaten aus Termopúlasten).